Renting an apartment, house or condo may mean that your belongings are less secure than they would be in a property you own yourself. Living in a building with other people and relying on your landlord to keep the building in good shape both increase your risk of property stolen or damaged by fire, mold, flooding, vandalism or other accidents that happen in your building. Renter’s insurance is the cheapest and most cost-effective type of insurance; it’s a small investment to cover your belongings and protect yourself from personal liability. 

A renter’s policy helps reimburse you for the cost of stolen or damaged goods in your rental unit, and if someone injures themselves in your unit, a renter’s policy helps cover the cost of their medical bills. If damage to your unit makes it uninhabitable, renter’s insurance covers the cost of temporary housing until your unit is back in shape. Don’t put yourself at risk for replacing everything you own in the event of a disaster in your rental unit. Get in touch with us to protect your belongings today.

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