Our vehicles say a lot about who we are: whether you drive a minivan full of kids and sports gear around town every day or travel long distances in an eco-friendly hybrid, you need coverage that will provide the right amount of financial protection when something happens.

In seconds, a traffic collision can leave you with thousands of dollars’ worth of physical damage to your own vehicle and bodily injuries, as well as liability for another party’s damages. Even when you’re not driving, other kinds of damage and theft can occur. Your policy should not only include basic coverage for collision and liability, but also mirror your vehicle’s value and your lifestyle. 

When an accident happens and you need to figure out towing, pay for repairs, find a rental and settle with another party who may or may not be insured, having an agent you know personally and trust will greatly reduce the stress of doing all these things at once. Give us a call and let’s talk about your vehicle.

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